Customer feedback is always good, and especially if it is positive. However, constructive criticism is always welcome too as it enables us to learn from our mistakes, and use this information to strive to improve the way we deliver our services and support.


What our customers think...

"What I would say is that Cymar has a culture which runs through everybody associated with the business of being willing to help with a problem. Often technical people speak in very technical terms and are quick to tell you what is wrong. I think that Cymar are very quick to relieve you of those worries and to provide solutions to those worries. I think that there is also a culture of hard work and dedication which makes working with you very easy." Philip Cartin, Solicitor

"The reason we have bought from Cymar is mainly that we appreciate the good service received. We were orginally recommended by the other charities who have used Cymar. We have had a very friendly and efficient service from the engineers. They are very clever, helpful and we have not had any problems with the computers and printer supplied by Cymar. They are very good at understanding what is required, which is amazing when I do not know what I want half the time. Cymar gives good value to our charity, and this is why we have continued to use Cymar when needed" Vicky Wheatley

"We use Cymar to supply and maintain PC's and networks. As long-standing customers, we are completely confident that Cymar will meet our requirements in a timely and professional manner. We have always found the Cymar Engineers to be both knowledgeable and approachable and we have never yet found a problem that they could not overcome. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the services of Cymar" Nicholas Bugden, e-Commerce Manager.

"The point of difference that makes us want to buy from you and not somebody else is because we are familiar with you and it is much easier dealing with people you know. Plus the response is very quick, calls are always returned. I can't think of anything I would want to improve as Cymar is like Mary Poppins - Practically Perfect in Everyway !!!!. What annoys me the most when dealing with business in the computing industry is the fact that stuff goes out of date so quickly. I just learn to use something and bang it's out of date and updated with something else faster and flasher. Plus I don't like cold callers touting for business and I really hate Customer Testimonials and am only doing this because I like the people at Cymar." Debbie Fowler.

Please email us your feedback using email info@cymar.co.uk

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